Honestly it's just different.

By famousfelix08
Written April 14, 2012
Everyone who didn't like this movie doesn't seem to understand that if this movie was your standard slasher film or even zombie film it'd have been forgotten so quick. I'd have actually given it a 1/5, but no this movie went from "wtf" to "weird" to "whoa" . This movie is different and people complaining about bad acting don't understand what acting is. I enjoyed the movie personally. I wasn't really scared at all but honestly over years of horror films nothing you see on screen can scare much anymore. It was funny. I think this movie is deeper than most think. The end was to me realistic if such situation should ever exist. As far as zombies? After dawn of the dead remake with sprinting zombies no other zombie movie can really scare.. I'm tired of zombies. If they applied the chaos theory to this movie they could make sooooooo many more. overall: funny, entertaining, tries to scare, zombies overrated If you have money to waste watch it. More entertaining than hunger games
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By lawgirl621
Written April 17, 2012
Ok, I am a HUGE horror movie buff and this was hands down the WORST film in general that i have EVER seen!!! It was honestly a torture to sit through. The entire hour and a half is spent wondering what the heck is going on and why I was still sitting in my seat subjecting myself to this pointless movie. I almost felt like I lost actual brain cells by watching the movie all the way through. I usually dont write reviews but I couldnt let another person waste $12 of their hard earned money on a film that was a complete waste of time and money. Do yourself a favor and either save your money or go see something worth seeing or find a different activity for the night, youll thank me later trust me.
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Not what I expected

By joak
Written April 26, 2012
Previews and advertisments looked and sounded like your typical horror movie, but this movie, while having some of those aspects, puts twists on the genre and remains unique. The movie is both funny at times as well as suspenseful, sometimes both at the same time. Definately an interesting movie and worth checking out if you are into this genre.
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By delawderbrandon02
Written April 21, 2012
who ever said horror and comedy didnt mix has obviously not seen this movie hands down a...i cant even find the words to describe how good it was, if you thought the movie was bad then u are obviously trollin, or a fan of the same old slasher flick, which quite frankly i was bored of, this movie reenergizes horror in a way that is unexplainable...to wrap it all up if you want a mind blowing seat jumping horror film thatll make you laugh sometimes then SEE THIS MOVIE!
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A unique take on the genre

By TheHanna
Written May 01, 2012
The Cabin in the Woods takes the traditional slasher movie, injects it with some sci-fi brilliance, courtesy of Joss Whedon's wonderful script, and then picks it up and shakes it until it explodes with so much blood and gore that it almost becomes comedic. Awesome movie!
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