Should be: "Does this dog s**t in the woods?"

By jimreaper
Written April 28, 2012
The answer is; "Yes". Further example of the depraved Hollywood propaganda machine. Unbelievably bad acting but it's what you expect for this waste-of-money and two-hour-loss- of-life. You find yourself looking forward to the painful deaths of each one of the "actors". Yes, thankfully, they all die. There's even a final scene with the old relic Sigourney Weaver that makes you really happy that this piece of crap is almost over. Save your cash or donate it to a homeless person. At least they'll buy some booze and then somebody will have a good time.
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AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By dwalac
Written May 08, 2013
I LOVED IT:-) :-) :-)
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More comedy than horror...bad at both

By brettstersfarmville
Written April 13, 2012
It's part "Army of Darkness", part "Friday the 13th", part "Star Trek", part "Hellraiser", part "Cube", part "Office Space", part "Clash of the Titans", part "the Ring", part "Zombieland", part "Men in Black", part "Texas Chainsaw", part "Scooby Doo". If that sounds confusing, go spend $11 and and hour and a half - you'll know exactly what I mean. I WISH they had stuck with Campy, or Scary, but it's the worst of all worlds. I don't know how stoned you have to be to really enjoy this movie - but I doubt it would be worth the price of the pot you bought.
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Really wanted to love this one.

By Drebe73
Written April 14, 2012
It's being compared to Scream as a film that sends up the horror genre but I feel the first Scream was much more successful in achieving the goal. I feel cabin in the woods was Joss' Buffy movie that he always wanted to make. It had elements of "the Initiative" from Buffy season 4. For me I enjoyed it for the nostalgia aspect of it. I felt that overall it was a bit too much in too short of time frame. Also felt it played too much on the comedy side. May have worked better for me if so much hadn't been revealed so soon. Opening credits reveal the motivation and right away you are introduced to the company. I would have preferred to go along with the perspective of the kids and slowly have things revealed. Most of the major characters were copies of the characters the actors played in other things. Overall I was hoping for it being more horror with comedy elements rather then a campy flick with horror. Tread too close to "scary movie" then it did to "scream".
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Made me upset ....

By ncjunebug78
Written April 14, 2012
Don't waste your money on this movie. it was more of a comedy than horror. If you really must watch it wait for the DVD or until it comes on cable.
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