Holy Crap! I'm giddy after seeing this.

By alacran79
Written November 08, 2015
::stands up:: I'm ******** and I'm a jaded horror fan. Good, we got that out of the way. So, where to start...cuz I really f&*^ing loved this flick. I do not easily heap praise on horror films nowadays. They are mostly throwaway pieces of garbage with little to no redeeming qualities. But this film did it right. Granted, I wasn't scared in the slightest, but who cares when the film gives you such a a great world to imagine? On the surface, one would think this was the standard slasher movie, but you'd be completely mistaken. This movie deconstructs the stereotypical slasher flick, and then creates a world which gives nods to almost every horror genre out there. I mean, what horror flick recently has given nods to Barker, Lovecraft, and Japanese horror? None that I know of. To top it off, it's pretty funny (though I noticed some of the younger folk didn't catch some of the references), and there's no ####### ending. Color me happy, for once.
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Great Horror Movie!

By tresal3
Written December 25, 2014
Finally something that isn't the same horror movie you see over and over and over and .... well you get it. It starts off the way you think it should, I mean nowadays the preview tells you the whole damn movie! But not this one.....It totally takes you to a place you didn't even think of. Great surprises, funny dialog, and a ending that you would have never seen coming! GO SEE IT!
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May look familiar...until you look closer. Besides, Thor's in it!

By davidmello
Written December 26, 2014
This was supposed to open more than two years ago, but was held up by MGM's finanical probelms, and a short-lived bid to convert it to 3-D. Still, The Cabin in the Woods is worth waiting for because it takes the typical horror movie and sends on a pretty weird ride. Of course, you've heard the same comments about you shouldn't learn too much about the movie, avoid spoilers and so forth. We will say it does include Chris Hemsworth way before he became a thunder god, and Fran Kranz as a stoner who turns out to be sharp at the right time. There's also Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins who have their roles in all this. It does involve cameras. We'll say that much. The movie was directed by Drew Goddard, who wrote Cloverfield, and written by him and Joss Whedon, well-known as the guy who gave us the greatest TV heroine in the past 20 years..and more than that. Check it out, guys!
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the Cabin in the woods

By leopardtraxDJ
Written December 26, 2014
This was so much fun to watch. I was afraid that by seeing the preview that there wouldn't be any thing left. Boy was I wrong. I took my daughter and her boyfriend with me and really enjoyed it. Oh, and the "stoner guy" was the best!!
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Cabin In The Twilight Zone

By Darkola
Written December 25, 2014
I am going to recommnend this movie because it has an original story, if your expecting your regular horror/slasher flick with a group of college kids out in the middle of nowhere, then you are partially right, but the story itself is really twisted, I dont want to go into details and give this movie away, but its so much more then that, to me its more a combination of one of them horror movies, and a little bit of a reality tv type story mixed. The acting in this was par, it wasnt anything exceptional, but it also wasnt lame either. One of biggest problems with this movie was the ending, I believe they could have taken the meaning of the outcome of this movie, and went in a completely different direction with it, it was a little far fetched with the reasoning for why the actors had to go through what they did .... anyways, if your out for a whole new original idea for a story, and are into semi-scary movies, then go see this, its worth seeing, I'd give this 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.
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