The Burning Plain

By Rich S
Written September 25, 2009
Here's a film that successfully employs literary methods. Jumping around among points of view, time references and locales; it creates a kind of "god's eye view" of the protagonists' lives that fails in most films that attempt it. The actors do a wonderful job, and the directing is superb. The film shows us the messiness of real life, the incompletions and their ramifications. One of its many intertwined messages seems to be the role of goodness [or maybe just goodwill] that we are all capable of but for no particular reason demonstrate or not to the benefit of others in such a manner that we seldom appreciate the effects. Yes, we are assurred, sex and other satisfactions do seem to make the world interesting, but love, honest and simple, is what makes life worth living. Every generation it seems must re-affirm these basic truths for themselves. It is the stuff of great lit, great art and great films. Go see this movie with the same eyes with which you live life.
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burning plain

By movie fan 5763
Written September 20, 2009
Superb! Beautiful Well directed! Acting dazzling! Recommended to all who enjoy thrills/sex/ redemptive love!
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A Depressing Snoozer

By spamtrap
Written September 28, 2009
This film helped me realize that the only reason nonlinear (out of chronological order) films exist is because if it WAS in chronological order, the film would be even less interesting than it is when shown out of order. In this story, the climax comes near the chronological beginning. So the filmmaker tells the story in a nonlinear format, switching from the past to the present to the past to the present, etc., leaving out the climax until the end of the film. This way, the viewer has a mystery to ponder during most of the movie. We're also presented with a morality puzzle... that being, a character who is a multiple murderer living under an assumed identity but made to appear in a sympathetic light. The story is not that interesting, it's not intellectually stimulating at all, and there is absolutely no comedy so I rate this film a D.
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