An Absolute Must See! Fabulous!

By GearMaven
Written December 04, 2007
Saw this movie tonight at free screening in San Francisco and was wowed! As were all the folks clapping at the end of the movie. This is a keeper! Such wonderful acting by both Nicholson and Freeman. They both were perfectly cast for their roles and were believable to the end. The scenery from around the world was fabulous, and we laughed and cried so many times throughout this film. Definitely in Oscar contention, but could there be two leading men up for the top spot? Definitely see this film. (Mild language and some body parts jokes, but should be okay for the older teens.)
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I can't tell you how unhappy I am with your service.

By mrspenney
Written January 18, 2008
I was awarded a $25 gift certificate from your company. My wife and I purchased two tickets at $6.50 each + a $1.00 service charge each for a total of $15.00. When I went to use the other $10 dollars it somehow seems to have disappeared. In my opinion that is consumer fraud.
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By vbandhak123
Written March 31, 2008
classic movie
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The Bucket List

By bertdog
Written April 12, 2008
It was exactly as expected. Both the actors roles were perfect for their character. Had well meaning content, which we need to see more of today. I'd go see it again. My husband agrees :) We both laughed and I cried. There were some super scenes which show the greatest in the theater. I believe it is good for all ages. The very young would probably get bored. Outstanding show for relaxing and enjoying your evening.
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Beautifully Charming

By Moo-VFanatic
Written January 11, 2008
Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are a match made in movie performances! This movie will make you see the life in living each day. Both characters (Freeman, Nicholson) are hospitalized with cancer, and end up sharing the same hospital room of which Nicholson's character owns. THey begin to grow on one another as they get to know eachother and set off to do the things in life they've never acheived. Both characters are given an estimated time that they will stay alive before they "hit the bucket" and vow to accomplish every goal written on their Bucket List- even if one has to continue the work by themself. This movie made me realize why Jack Nicholson is such a great and well respected actor. This role was written for Jack Nicholson and could not have been played any better by any other actor. Morgan Freeman brings a joyous, optimistic and kind character that we love see him play. I cried throughout most of the movie simply because it touched my heart. This is a movie worth watching
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