Storytelling at its best

By illogical hawk
Written May 28, 2009
A beautiful and whimsical tale for anyone and everyone looking for a summer treat. On the surface it's an easy going film about life and love, taking us to exotic places around the world to meet equally colorful characters. The dialogue is well written, and the overall narrative flows quite nicely throughout. What surprised me was how funny the film was, and by the end of it, how poignant it had become. What a lot of people seem to be missing is that the film also has a lot of substance underneath all of the enjoyable fluff. It seems to be going over a lot of people's heads that this is a movie ABOUT film narrative and story telling. It's a light theme in the film's surface, but it's also an expertly crafted mechanic that is both reflexive and at work on the audience. I saw this at the Cleveland Film Festival, and I can't wait to see it again once it opens nationwide. It's great for friends, families, or even film buffs looking for some meat in the normally thin summer time.
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Truly Entertaining!!!

By JFandrich
Written June 18, 2009
This movie was quirky, funny, a bit sad but delightful to watch. A truly entertaining experience!
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enjoy the Brothers Bloom

By rowell1215
Written June 16, 2009
An enjoyably quirky, funny and witty ride with a great cast and script.
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A great con-man story...

By movies-4-me
Written June 08, 2009
The second film from writer/director Rian Johnson (BRICK) is a fun little story about two brothers, Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) and Bloom (Adrien Brody), who grow up to become con-men after a childhood of misery and ill-fortune. The mark that they try to take in this particular story is Penelope, played wonderfully by Rachel Weisz (The Fountain and The Constant Gardener), who just happens to be a millionaire heiress who has spent her life in seclusion "collecting hobbies". She masterfully shows off her skills at playing the piano, violin, accordion, banjo, skateboarding and juggling...chainsaws. Johnson provides us with a stylized storytelling structure that always keeps us guessing and completely enthralled in what's happening onscreen. All of the performers - particularly Bang Bang, played by RInko Kikuchi, who only says three words in the entire movie, but steals the show completely - are so engaging that you never know who the bad guy is, but in the end you're cheering for them all.
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of brothers bloom

By jessbacon81
Written June 16, 2009
so awkward, and funny, and sweet and beautiful. this was just delightful.
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