The Brothers Bloom Synopsis
Two con artist brothers swindle an eccentric millionaire, but she turns the table on the duo.
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Storytelling at its best

By illogical hawk
A beautiful and whimsical tale for anyone and everyone looking for a summer treat. On the surface it's an easy going film about life and love, taking us to exotic places around the world to meet...

Truly Entertaining!!!

By JFandrich
This movie was quirky, funny, a bit sad but delightful to watch. A truly entertaining experience!...

enjoy the Brothers Bloom

By rowell1215
An enjoyably quirky, funny and witty ride with a great cast and script....

A great con-man story...

By movies-4-me
The second film from writer/director Rian Johnson (BRICK) is a fun little story about two brothers, Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) and Bloom (Adrien Brody), who grow up to become con-men after a childhood of...

The Brothers Bloom is Great

By makeupgirl27
I loved the movie,thought it was funny and quirky. Love the actors in it,Adrien Brody is terrific ,as always a favorite,Mark Ruffalo is very good too as his brother.. Rachael Weitz is hysterical as...

of brothers bloom

By jessbacon81
so awkward, and funny, and sweet and beautiful. this was just delightful....

The Brothers Bloom is fantastic!

By Artie Joe
So Rian Johnson's follow up to Brick may not hold up to early summer blockbuster fare as the craptacular Wolverine or the highly entertaining Star Trek, but The Brothers Bloom is entertaining enough...

Man what asleeper!

By Vectrexer
One of the funniest and most beautifully crafted movies I have seen in a long while. This is an solid "A" movie. The Brothers Bloom [BLOCKED WEBSITE] Sort of a mix of The Sting, along with a...

Looks like a ripe off

By Moo-VFanatic
This movie(after seeing the trailer) looks like it has many similarities towards the Bank Job, the italian Job and the Oceans movies. I am intersted although the plot has been grown form these other...

Brothers Bloom needed a better ending

By Kloatthemovies
Hillarious most of the time, Brothers Bloom delivers a fast paced con men story. Sadly, the third act is just weak. No one seems to know how to end movies these days. Oh well. I still had a great...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence, some sensuality and brief strong language
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Common Sense Media says Adventure and romance mix in bold, irreverent dramedy.
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