The Brooklyn Banker Synopsis
A banker with a talent for memorizing numbers is recruited by a mobster looking to get ahead. Money changes everything and a series of betrayals turns friends into enemies and family against family in this taut crime thriller.

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Brilliant ... not to be missed!

By jpfeinman
THE BROOKLYN BANKER is nothing short of movie suspense magic. There are endless plot twists and turns. Brooklyn Banker is a world away from just being “another Mafioso movie”. Rather it is a...


By basia518
Could be the dopiest mafia movie of all time. This movie was so bad. Acting was awful. The plot and subplots were absolutely ridiculous....


By Michaeljr6302016120
Watched this film at Cinema Village. Great writing, acting and directing. Not your typical mob movie. Very cerebral. Awesome and the ending is a total surprise....

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Rated R | For Violence and Language