The Broken Synopsis
A woman sees herself driving by in her own car as events take an eerie turn into a living nightmare.
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Vague Vague vague

By GeekyCutie
I understand its an adult horror movie but it left alot to be desired. I felt like no answers were given. what was the reason that the wall mirror broke at the specific time,? Did something happen to...

Not Worth the Time

By sixelacherese
This movie was boring, dry and dull. There were so few suspenseful parts and so much confusion...I didn't bother to finish the movie. Don't waste your time/money....

The Broken

By ladymyshel
It's not really an original plot but it is very entertaining to watch. It does drag a little in the beginning and yyou do figure out what is going on half way through the movie but its one of those...

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Rated R | For some violence, brief sexuality/nudity and language