Will go and see more art genre in this format!

By coneill.rn
Written July 23, 2012
I took a friend to this event who had never seen a ballet before and he also enjoyed it! It was lovely to see a great professional company in a live production; I commend you for using this medium to expand this art form in a broad & economic manner! The production was well done; beautiful costumes and scenery; surprisingly modern for a Russian company as in the past when I have seen them tour everything appeared dull, aged, dated. The dancing was supreme and the mime exceptional. The dancing of Ivan Vasilev and Natalia Osipova was breath-taking! She is a true, Prima Ballerina! The flexibility of her feet and her extensions are remarkable. Few males dance roles en pointe and he did it with what appeared to be ease as well as technique & grace! A joy to see a Russian comedy ballet. Kudos to the production staff for capturing on film a great mix of wide angle shots & close ups - and for NOT cutting off their feet as is often done in studio filming of ballets!
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A territic "Bright Stream"

By ginnyvida
Written July 23, 2012
The Bolshoi's dancing was terrific and in some parts it was (intentionally) hilarious. Haven't laughed so hard in ages. Go see it if it comes your way! A great production.
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not good

By bethanymcguire95
Written July 09, 2012
it isnt good
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By benb897
Written July 04, 2012
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By melissamedina1998
Written July 17, 2012
ew lol
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