Home of The (Morally-Conflicted) Brave (One)

By jimchudnow
Written September 11, 2007
(Based on seeing an advance preview of the film:) Thankfully, this film did not have the difficult quirkiness of Neil Jordan's 2005 film 'Breakfast On Pluto'. Jodie Foster gives a very strong, stoic performance as a Victim gone mad (who, rather than 'taking' it anymore, prefers to 'DISH it out' to various urban misfits who attack and harm other quasi-Innocents). Terrence Howard plays a Police defective who empathizes with her initially, confides in her, and then becomes an unwitting at-least semi-Accomplice to what turns out to be her hidden Revenge-seeking activities. A more apt title might have been 'The ANGRY One'. Overall, I found it to be a WELL-DONE thriller (that got the audience cheering at her exploits at numerous occasions-- tho one must wonder in retrospect how 'healthy' that reaction might be society-wise). The stars (and Nicky Katt as Howard's assistant Detective Vitale) give tough, believable performances in a tough, bloody, well-constructed Paean to Retribution.
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The "Bain" of her Existence

By janelleca
Written September 17, 2007
This film will touch anyone who feels they will never be the same person they were before tragedy, death, or injustice have touched their lives. I loved hearing her short narritives on life in New York and how you don't see a lot of things that were there all the time... until something impacts your life in a way that changes your whole perspective. One of Foster's best work to date. You don't have to agree with the character to enjoy the film. Grief and PTSD bring out a different side of people and I think if you take the time to look into some of the deepr messages, there is a lot of value. Ericka Bain starts as a good person who acts out what a lot of people wish they could do to some really "bad" people out there.
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Jodie's Back with a Vengence

By cmacey78
Written September 14, 2007
I really liked this movie. Jodie Foster is definately good at playing the tortured women. What's different from this movie and her last, Flightplan, is that you can really feel the pain she is going through after her loss. Definately a great job by Foster. I would go see this movie again, and I would highly recommend.
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The Brave One Review by Pete

By chrisinfl
Written September 14, 2007
Watched this Friday the 14th of sept....a very good movie with an excellent plot...but be forewarned, be prepared for a full two hours of movie watching. Not that this is a bad thing. The film takes the time to show how a woman living in New York City "reacts" to a life-changing brutal attack on her and her fiance'...Of course it shows how the good and bad side of what a police investigation unfolds, the stages of recovery for a now mentally shattered woman, the relationship that forms between her and one of the detectives in charge, and finally revenge, oh sweet revenge. The film makers include not only dirt-criminal types who get the "grudge", but also a high-end dirty excecutive type who gets his as well. I must admit, Jodi Foster's character grew on me as the movie went on, and there were times when people were actually clapping when the "bad guys" got "popped." A bizarre ending (even fido gets saved) left me smiling...so would i see it again? sure, once its out on dvd!! prb
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Slow to go, but gets there eventually

By gspot107
Written November 15, 2007
Low budget set that has a obessive woman driven to kill all wrong doers, including those who killed her fiance. She suceeds, but not without the help of an african american detective who seems to be attracted to her. Movie is slow going and the ending not too realistic.
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