The Brand New Testament Synopsis
God exists, but He’s a bit of a jerk. His ten-year-old daughter Ea rebels against His tyranny and comes to Earth, gathers apostles and proposes a New Testament for how humanity should live.
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The Brand New Testament

By bonola
This film was the most magical, fanciful, evocative I have ever seen! It was funny, tragic and had me transfixed throughout the film. The characters were delicious and so very unpredictable. If...

Best movie!

By chezedward
My kids and I adored this movie! My 17 year old son said it blew his mind and will have a long lasting effect on him. It is clever, funny, original and moving! The music is great as well. Run and see...

Wonderful movie

By edenligne
I want to see it again and own the DVD! A must see even if you don't speak french....

Even my husband loved it!

By luvmymaggie07
My husband is not a fan of indie films, but I drag him with me periodically to check out anything that looks unusually good. This one was a total winner - we both laughed out loud throughout it!...


By ArtHouseGuy65
The ending is quite profound....

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