Written October 30, 2008
From John Boyne's short novel comes a truly moving film about the impact of the Holocaust on a German family - and the concentration camp's detainees... very ironic story. I am thankful for the chance to attend the advance press screening of this smart well-made movie that would deeply impact the thinking and feeling person. Superbly acted by a GREAT cast! Astounding attention to detail further enhances one's enjoyment of this heartfelt movie. This is one of those rare movies that will leave a lasting profound impression on the movie-goer long after the 1.5hr movie has ended... and if nothing else, this movie will move you to think and question our humanity, shared problems, racism, genocide, and our differences... VERDICT: HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED. Educational and moving. Not intended as a kids movie nor a sweeping epic about the Holocaust, this movie successfully adapted the simple story of Mr. Boyne's novel that both adults and children should easily comprehend.
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A well done history lesson

By Older View
Written December 01, 2008
The majority of this movie is spent developing familial relationships and the relationship of a young German boy with a young Jewish boy in a concentration camp. It is for the most part devoid of terrifying images, but it manages to convey the method and horror of the holocaust. It is a must see regardless of personal religion. It more than adequately portrays man's inhumanity to man.
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Important Must See

By William Kent
Written December 04, 2008
Although some critics disapproved of this fictionalized account of the holocaust set around a Nazi family, seeing it as the holocaust turned into "entertainment," such criticisms miss the point. The movie is not "entertainment," although it is so well done that your attention is riveted throughout. Instead, it is a surrealistic memorial to the horror of the holocaust, in particular the murder of Jewish children, and a reminder that this must never be allowed to happen again. If you are considering seeing this movie, please do. Do not be held back by any criticism you may have read or by your own reluctance to see a movie that you think will depress you. Certainly the movie involves something that is so horrible that it is beyond comprehension that human beings could have done. But it is not depressing. American culture tries to tell us that we can and should insulate ourselves from suffering, but this is a delusion that only keeps us from understanding life.
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Great Movie!!

By daddyduke
Written November 19, 2008
Great Movie! Stunning in it's simplicity and message. One of those where you just have to stare at the screen at the end for a few minutes to fully absorb how good it was.
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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

By dgps11
Written December 03, 2008
This was a great film on many levels. The innocence and wide open wonder of children, the terror that man can produce, and the lessons we had better learn from history. This is a movie that should be seen by those who don't believe that the camps and the killings of the Holocaust ever really existed. The actors were real enough in their roles, although I picked up too much of what I thought were English accents rather than German sounding words. My Grandson is 10 years old, and I could see him in the two young actors who portrayed 8 year olds. The sister at 12 years old was right on the mark as first a little girl and then the changed Hitler youth example. We have waited for several weeks for this film to come to our regular theatre in San Leandro, Ca., but I guess it was not selected as a "selected theatre", even though it was advertised as coming to that location. So, yesterday we went to Walnut Creek to see it before it went away. I was afraid we would miss it. Good popcorn too!
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