The Boy (2015) Synopsis
It’s the summer of 1989. Nine-year-old Ted Henley and his father John are the proprietors of The Mtn. Vista Motel, a crumbling resort buried in the mountains of the American West.
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Movie Reviews

Well crafted suspense! Must see!

By revolyensid855
The obvious thing to say is that the suspense builds up slowly but surely to an almost unbearable pitch of excitement With the help of a devilishly good performances with a kinetic pace, and has...


By kidhell
An amazing film by an amazing cast and crew who have executed an extremely creepy, sinister story without needing to delve into gross-out horror porn. This is more like a psychological thriller than...

Outrageously Brilliant Film, From the Acting to Directing to Shooting and Set Building!

By lanceschmidt490
I was there for the Q&A with the cast and Crew. David Morse gave his typical A+ performance, Rainn Wilson got to show how he is equally gifted at Dramatic roles as he is with Comedy roles and Jared...


By ssls1boost
This movie without a doubt will go down as one of the greatest horror/chiller movies in history....