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Great movie.

By albertoarriaga82
Written October 12, 2014
Its a good movie but a word of caution...your kids may want to sleep with mommy & daddy at night.
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By tagregory1
Written October 20, 2014
Did NOT care for it and neither did my 8 and 6 year old grandkids. Waste of money in my opinion :-(
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stop-motion animation at its best

By jolioso33
Written October 06, 2014
Like Laika's other two movies, Coraline and Paranorman, this movie is a visual wonder to behold. Stunningly hand-crafted I had to see it twice just so I could catch every little detail of which there is a lot. You can really tell this movie was a labor of love and I feel like the public is finally starting to understand why stop-motion animation is so beautiful and amazing. No offense to the computer-generated animation that everyone is so accustomed to but after awhile every Pixar and Dreamworks movie starts to look the same to me. Not so with Laika's movies and I seriously commend them for bringing back the stop-motion craft to the big screen. Aside from the craftsmanship the story itself is a very sweet, touching one that has a moral center and a message to be told. There are a few scenes that might be a little scary for very young children and they also might not get some of the humor but overall a very good film with something for everyone.
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The Boxtrolls

By marypjarmolowicz
Written October 25, 2014
Perfect family movie. Lot of action, laughs and very enjoyable.
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Good movie

By StPeterJudge1969
Written October 02, 2014
Good for whole family. see it
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