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Great animation

By MarvinJ
Written November 02, 2014
Good storyline for all ages and entertaining.
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Wonderful and charming

By shainafender
Written October 04, 2014
I love this film. In the week that it's been out I've gone to see it 3 times. This movie is so multi layered. The art direction is wonderfully weird. The plot ranges from troll fun to darker undertones of refuge and loss. And the villains are dynamic to say the least. As far as for kids it has a lot of slapstick humor and for adults who love animation it has everything else.
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Truly brilliant

By david189
Written October 25, 2014
Like the Lego movie, this animated film is brilliantly conceived and executed. There are some scary images and ideas (too scary for small children, I would think).
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The Box Trolls Rock!!

By sailsetter
Written September 28, 2014
The Box Trolls did not disappoint !! It is family friendly with adolescent humor, safe for guys to see. Intricately well done /acted and delivers a family message. Beautifully detailed artwork, engaging storyline, characters. It is worth seeing. I highly recommend. Be sure to stay for the credits.
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By douglaslevey
Written September 28, 2014
well done and entertaining movie, but darker and scarier than previews led on to.
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