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Not funny

By Jonas Brothers 918
Written November 04, 2014
The trailer looked funny but the movie wasn't . It was kind of a boring film. Will not watch it again. Will be boring for the kids and the adults.
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Thought it was going to better

By cecimaguina
Written November 04, 2014
My 2 girls (8yo & 4yo) wanted to watch so we did and I really thought it was going to be better than what it was. The movie is actually a bit disgusting since the "bad character shows up a LOT and is pretty ugly & nasty looking - which I understand since he's the bad guy but he could've showed up less i think.
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By phauerstein
Written November 04, 2014
I thought this movie would be unique and fun. It was just ok at best and despite the unique animation just boring
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By fullerton37
Written December 18, 2014
Great movie
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By rengard5
Written November 04, 2014
My husband and I brought our kids to see Box Trolls opening weekend, the theater was surprisingly empty, even though it was an earlier showing... My kids mostly enjoyed it. My daughter, however, found herself quite scared a number of times. My husband and I both feel that it was by far, the worst kids movie we have seen in quite some time. The trailers are deceiving, as well as the commentary from the kids that were interviewed outside of a theater. The character that supposedly says, "jelly" repeatedly, doesn't actually say it as frequent as you are led to think, and certainly not as funny. Overall, I'm quite disappointed with the outcome of the movie, but I'm happy my kids enjoyed it.
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