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Lovingly Crafted

By J de la Mancha
Written November 04, 2014
Everything Laika does drips with style, personality, and love for their craft. This movie was fantastically fun, while not quite as dark as Coraline and Paranorman. It had a great sense of wonder, sweetness, and some fantastic humor. Go see this.
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This is not your average Animated Film.

By justinrasch781
Written November 04, 2014
I went into Boxtrolls with my 2 young daughters and having seen many animated films over the years was expecting lots of jokes and the ho hum plastic sheen that comes with most these days. I was instantly taken with how different this FELT. There was a taste and a feeling of doing something different. Taking risks that I could not imagine most film studios taking. I really really appreciated the story telling in this film and just how different it was to most out there. After finding out it was done by hand at the end My respect levels jumped through the roof. I just jumped to the conclusion that it was created on a computer and that the computer made it look and move so smooth. either way, I totally recommend you watch it and support films like this being made. Sci Fi Guy
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By randislye
Written November 04, 2014
Terrible! Although animated and the previews seem as if it will be funny, it is not appropriate for young children!
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horrible movie

By dolliebaby77
Written November 04, 2014
not even as good as ParaNorman. that was wonderful, this was a letdown.
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Please make it stop

By greggouw
Written November 04, 2014
Why did Simon Peg agree to this?
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