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The BoxTrolls: Psycho Thriller

By judemovies
Written January 24, 2015
This story could be made into a movie with real people. It would be right up there with One Good Deed as far as psycho thrillers go. It's a dark themed animation-claymation-CG picture that is by no means well executed with tremendous detail. You can appreciate the painstaking hours it took to produce. ( Babies born during the making of it are impressive as per ending credits and please stay put for all of them.) 5 stars for creation, not the storyline. Heavy subjects with scenes many adults even get uncomfortable watching. 37 min. into the movie were the first real laughs from the children then almost toward the end were a few more. Parents got the part of Madame Frou Frou being the bad guy/drag queen the men were in lust with. The BoxTrolls and Eggs, the boy went through terrifying experiences. It switched from cute/ endearing to sudden death and loss. Scary faces on the characters didn't help. The trolls were adorable. So was their language. I say tweens and under with parents a must
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By aquarius4419
Written January 24, 2015
I am sure your kids will plead with you but it is a waste of money. Not ONE outburst of laughter, basically a silent theater. The plot is enough to scare young children and bore the older ones. It just slowly rolls along. Some of the animation is okay but even then it is not the greatest. I want my money back.
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Traller not a good indicator of the film

By matthewmcsorley
Written January 24, 2015
The trailer made this film look light and funny. It is just the opposite, its heavy, dark, and scary for young children. Many kids crying in the theater and not many laughs. its a shame the art that went into it is impressive. My kids said they liked it but not I couldn't tell, i kept asking them if they were OK.
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Anticipatimg BEST Film of the Year 2014

By ak85goddessrose
Written January 24, 2015
a refreshimg spark of genius imagination,
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Box Trolls

By rfpwolfpack
Written January 24, 2015
My 8 year old states that it's the best movie ever just a little better than Frozen
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