Bourne continues

By emonroy
Written August 12, 2012
The movie is similar to the previous Bourne movies in storytelling and action sequences, which is good. At first the movie is a bit slow but it's understandable since they are explaining everything and the ending is set for sequels. Jeremy Renner is a perfect for the continuation of the saga that Matt Damon left off. And Rachel Weisz is good too as his love interest. The action sequences in Manila were good.
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Not bad

By mr_joshua
Written August 20, 2012
But not the best either. The storyline was decent, and could have done without the references to the past Bourne movies. The fast action chase scene was filmed horribly. There is a limit for fast camera moves during a high speed chase and this crossed the line. Just when I felt the story was starting to move along the movie ended, rather abruptly....not quite as bad as Matrix: reloaded, but close. I own all three other Bourne movies and although I do like Jeremy Renner, I will not be buying this one when it's released on Blu-ray/DVD.
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The Bourne Legacy

By billproctors4
Written August 27, 2012
There is a lot of action in this film. However, for the first hour the film is a bit confusing. The central character is in the wilderness taking different colored pills and the explanation is not given until much later. If one stays with the film this is eventually explained and once the action begins it is quite thrilling. It holds to film version of the Bourne franchise. As is true with most Hollywood films the special effects, acting and other components are first rate.
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Want to see this again

By rbates2000
Written August 12, 2012
If you saw the first three this movie makes sense but if you were new to this series it might be confusing. Even so, this movie was great. I did miss Matt Damon but Jeremy Renner is a great actor as well and fits this movie great. I am thinking there is going to be another just because of the way it ends. So maybe Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross will be back together. Maybe to help Pam Landy. Hmm you just never know. Go see this!!
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Preferred over the first 3 Bourne films

By ribboninthesky
Written August 18, 2012
I've never been a Matt Damon fan, so this movie was already an improvement due to his absence. Jeremy Renner did a helluva lot more with his character, and made him human in addition to kickass. Caution: if you're looking for balls to the wall action, you'll be disappointed. If you love Matt Damon and his character, you'll be disappointed. If you're looking for a movie that will leave you wanting more and was an excellent set up for future movies, go see it!
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