Not so much a Legacy....

By cmelo11
Written August 12, 2012
IF you are going to see this movie because you loved the orginals and you think this is going to be a continuation of them, think again. And be advised you will be disappointed. However, if you go in with an open mind and realize that this is a new movie series you won't be too disappointed.
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Jason who???

By doc_trekky
Written August 19, 2012
This movie bears no resemblance to the books by Ludlum, except for a one-liner, "Jason Bourne is in New York". He is never seen or heard of again. The plot is thinner than toilet paper and has the same usefulness. There are too many, way-too-long chase scenes that add nothing. And the chase action is seen from too close-up to appreciate the scene. Might be great for 3D if you don't care about a story.. The ending was a major let-down because it does not reolve the situation set up by the premise. The idiot director grossly over-uses the "camera rolling around the actors" leading to major dizziness trying to focus on the characters and the background. Ugh!! Loved the originals. Hated this one.
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The Bourne Legacy: D+

By StanForStandards
Written June 25, 2017
Just thinking about this movie makes me facepalm because, on the whole, it was a really solid. I thoroughly enjoyed it throughout and would have rated it the best Bourne since the original. The problem was the ending was comically bad; in fact, so much so that it's worth watching just to make fun of. Endings often make a movie but it's rare they turn a good movie into a horrible one. Yes it's that bad..... What could have been a great movie, in a series that should have died 2 movies ago, was utterly ruined by one of the most stupefying endings to date. D+
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Fast action

By chanrenu
Written September 29, 2016
Movie is not as good as the other Bourne movies. But, the movie keep you engaged till the end. Very fast action, didn't realize how fast the time went.
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The Bourne Legacy - Agent gone rogue yet again

By jackedupreviews
Written August 16, 2012
Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne and this time around - Oops, this is what happens when certain keywords like "Bourne" come to your mind. No more sensory perception but your brain hits an epiphanic wall laced with two words of graffiti - Matt Damon and Robert Ludlum. But just like an escaping eagle's long last flight, everything comes to a "seeming" end. Does that mean no mor e eagles and no more flights? Hell to the no, flight is ubiquitous. But is it any good? How does it fare (especially when there is a close to billion dollar legacy spread around with it's massive wings of fandom)? First good thing - story is a "supposed" spin off from Jason Bourne legacy but at the same time it's not truly a copy/inspiration from Eric Van Lustbader's original book. Plot kicks off with Jason Bourne going rogue resulting in gaping holes in to CIA's clandestine initiatives like Treadstone, Operation Blackburn etc. But is that the end of it? A superior program called "Outcome" i
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