The Bourne Legacy - Agent gone rogue yet again

By jackedupreviews
Written August 16, 2012
Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne and this time around - Oops, this is what happens when certain keywords like "Bourne" come to your mind. No more sensory perception but your brain hits an epiphanic wall laced with two words of graffiti - Matt Damon and Robert Ludlum. But just like an escaping eagle's long last flight, everything comes to a "seeming" end. Does that mean no mor e eagles and no more flights? Hell to the no, flight is ubiquitous. But is it any good? How does it fare (especially when there is a close to billion dollar legacy spread around with it's massive wings of fandom)? First good thing - story is a "supposed" spin off from Jason Bourne legacy but at the same time it's not truly a copy/inspiration from Eric Van Lustbader's original book. Plot kicks off with Jason Bourne going rogue resulting in gaping holes in to CIA's clandestine initiatives like Treadstone, Operation Blackburn etc. But is that the end of it? A superior program called "Outcome" i
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The Bourne Legacy Review

By plindquist
Written August 20, 2012
Action packed from the very beginning to the end. Nothing really resolved with the film other than to kill and/or maime NUMEROUS bad guys!! It is obvious that the series willl continue with another sequel. Not recommended for young children.
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The Bourne Legacy

By fred1
Written July 23, 2016
Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz are good in this film. Edward Norton plays a good version of a "government ******* leader." The film is so different from Matt Damon's role and the other Bourne movies. I think you have to see it more than once in order to switch gears. Basicly, "The Bourne Legacy" is about taking you "genetically" into the undercover government program and showing you that "another one has gotten away." The film does come at you from a new angle. It is slower paced with some action and one disturbing scene. Mostly, I liked the hidden chemistry between Renner and Weisz's characters.
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Not Bourne at all.. disappointed

By mflores717
Written August 15, 2012
The movie was okay.. Nothing like the Bourne Identity versions. The movie draged on and the scenes about the pills seemed like they needed to be on drugs all the time to function? not a Bourne version at all... The fighting and action scenes were good but overall i was not impressed with the movie and without ruining the ending.. I felt like That's It?
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Serviceable Addition to the Series

By MikeLogan316
Written January 20, 2017
While the plot of "The Bourne Legacy" takes place around the time of "The Bourne Ultimatum," in some ways it felt like a reboot of "The Bourne Identity." It was a good way to introduce the world to Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross character, and for us to care about him. Renner did a nice job taking over the reins, and he and Rachel Weisz shared great chemistry. Edward Norton plays a familiar but solid villain, while Stacy Keach, Scott Glenn, Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Albert Finney have short but important roles. Here's hoping Matt Damon can be talked into returning to the series someday, but if not, Jeremy Renner can definitely pick up the reins.
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