Bourne Legacy

By JorgensenFamily
Written August 11, 2012
Was different then the other Bourne movies. More story behind the scenes and not as much chasing. It's strange as the story has parts from the last Bourne movie and actors that were killed are in this movie. Great acting by Jeromy and Rachel. Maybe a setup for a next movie with Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon!
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It is a pop fly

By Raelzan
Written August 11, 2012
This movie was a pop fly in the bottom of the 9th inning with the bases loaded. The thing that will make it a hit that scores in the future is its sequel(s) and there had better be a sequel or this movie is a definite OUT. I loved the acting but it was a bit SLOW to start and you almost lost me ZZZ!!! In that first hour just setting things up; action/storyline... The sequel will be that runner on 3rd making it home and the infielder misses that catch that allows the movie to score... This is a 3 ½ star movie... One thing more don't kill off Rachel Weisz in the sequels, she is the star that makes this film click need I said say more than mentioning the bomb of the final Mummy without her CRASH N BURN!!! So this is a good not great start to the next phase in the Bourne franchise....
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I wanted more...

By starrcm
Written August 14, 2012
It took me a bit off guard when I saw a character I knew was dead in the previous film in this one, but then I realized this movie overlapped the previous. I was okay with that, and thought it a bit clever, but also felt that they spent too much time with that. There seemed to be limited action scenes to me, and the last one lasted way to long. It was a bit anticlimactic to me. I wanted a bit more from this film. Maybe in the sequel it will be about him hunting them and it will better.
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By bandito_dl
Written August 13, 2012
Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz are great but the script lead to nowhere with an anti-climatic ending. The movie was edited terribly with too many off angle shots that didn't further the thrill and suspense of the scenes, especially the motorcycle chase scenes. There wasn't even a proper fight scene in the end. The movie ended out of nowhere on a strange transition type scene. I was left wondering; is that it? There's no happy ending just a lot of intense foreplay! Bring back Paul Greengrass or at least a get more competent script writer or this series is dead in the water!
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The Bourne Legacy

Written August 12, 2012
Not as good as the Bourne Trilogy. Was very dissappointed with it. It seems like they just thru together a bunch of scenes that lacked a plot. They needed Matt in the movie because he was the main star and this movie lacked anything about him. It took forever for the action to take place and when it did it was towards the ending of the movie. The ending made no sense at all it just came upon you and left you blank. They should rename the movie because it lacked the interest and action of the Bourne Trilogy.
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