IT was just ok

By AlohaGoJo
Written August 12, 2012
It was just ok. We have always really enjoyed the previous Bourne movies. Jeremy Renner did great however the movie lacked the action the first movies had. Plus the ending was terrible.
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By kdykenn
Written December 02, 2016
It had a slow start and didn't get exciting until about an hour into the movie. Ended better than it started. I loved the Bourne series, this one I liked!
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Possibly the best Bourne to date.

By RickSRose
Written June 25, 2016
Jeremy Renner's character is every bit as tough & deadly as Matt Daman's Jason Bourne. To me the greatest difference between the two characters, and the root of why I like this movie so much, is the very obvious fact that Aaron across has a sense of humor. He can laugh about things, he can trust people, and can transition from a normal human being to a deadly killer and back again when necessary. This movie is a definite "Must See (several times), Must Own" kind of thing. I absolutely cannot wait until it comes out on Blu-ray!
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Good movie but ending a flop.

By LucyQ
Written October 20, 2016
Enjoyed the movie but thought the ending was a bit of a flop. I was expecting to see at least a cameo from 'Jason Bourne' I think that would have cemented the deal. The story was good but towards the end it kind of lost momentum. Plenty of action packed moments! I probably wouldn't see the movie again...maybe on red-box.
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Same as the Old Song

By KerryO98
Written December 06, 2016
First of all, I liked the movie. Having said that, if you saw the first 3 then this one will be no different. Same plot.....rogue agent can't be apprehended by CIA officials, so they send a super-assasin to take care of Bourne, I mean Renner. A big chase ensues, and somehow they kill the assasin and get away. I can;t blame the producers, though, if you have a winning formula, people will pay to see it. Renner is very beleivable, and likable as Bourne's replacement ( I can't think of his on air name).
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