Bourne, ... the Legacy continues

By kkinge
Written July 28, 2016
This sequel to the Bourne Trilogy maintains the level of adrenaline of the others. Its premise is plausible and thoughtful. The action scenes and effects are impressive. I thought Rachel Weisz's performance could have been better. Still, ... I'm looking forward to the nest one.
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Better than Expected!

By mrfijiwiji
Written August 10, 2012
Went to the premiere out of loyalty to the original trilogy. But wow, much better then i was expected. The lack of matt damon in this movie turned me off initially. It wasnt better than the original trilogy, but this was on par with the other bourne movies. Aaron still has the vital qualities of Jason bourne, but is a totally different character. The dynamic between June and Aaron was excellent. The acting was great; production value was on par. At the end of the movie i was disappointing... because i didnt want to stop watching!
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By xaznxremnantx
Written August 10, 2012
What!?!?...... No. This movie had so much potential.... No. No. No.... ::sigh::
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It was worth seeing in the theatre

By jwlynch1
Written August 11, 2012
Overall a good movie, not as much action as the other Bourne series, but the dialog supported the movie fine. Although I would say NWIH that car could keep up with a motorcycle in Manilla traffic...
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Worth seeing

By Sereptah
Written May 29, 2017
A little slow to start mostly because they had to tie it in with Bourne Ultimatum. Acting was good. Thought they made it too much about the doctor though. Could have been a bit more action but there is a good motorcycle chase scene at the end. Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton both did a good job but Norton's character could have been made stronger. Renner was good. Hoping it does well so they will make another one, rumor has it that if they do it wiill have both Aaron Cross and Jason Bourne in it :)
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