The Bourne Legacy Synopsis
The actions of Jason Bourne have consequences for a new man.
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Bourne of a Different Breed

By Darkola
I've read alot of bad reviews on this movie, and I can see why to a point. I know the beginning was a little dragged on, but for a purpose, its introducing a new character to its audience, from the...

Please NO MORE BOURNE!!!!!!

By Agarrat
I personally thought jerremy renner would have made a better agent than matt damon boy was i wrong... this movies plots and dialogue at times leave you like "what are they talking about" the action...

An utter disappointment

By msemcken
I went to this movie with three of my friends and each one of us were left dumbfounded by how anticlimatic, confusing, and pointless this entire movie was. This is in no way a part or a refection of...

What a great ride

By ellekate
Seriously, Jeremy Renner has really taken this new character and made it his own. I love how they blend the two stories to give you a sense of where Aaron Cross fits in. It's unfortunately not clear...

Good but could have been better

By Rebnme
Not sure if it was as good as the previous ones, maybe I missed Matt Damon/Jason Bourne. But there was the requisite fight and car chase scenes and lack of romance :( Sometimes a bit difficult to...

For die-hard "Bourne" fans only

By anarchristian
Love the franchise, and will probably see "Legacy" again, but would't be surprised if many found this "talking-head action flick" a disappointment. Jeremy Renner is great as Aaron Cross, but his...

Another Classic

By ari-fandango
I went to see it last night and I am going again today and taking my Father, & I am a guy that almost always waits for movies to come to dvd before I see them. Go see this movie! This is not...

Bourne Again?

By mparetti
Had to work a little to put all the concurrent story lines with the last Bourne movie in its proper place. Large audience seemed to feel a little let down at the ending as it all seemed to wrap in...

The Bourne Legascy

By bottledh20
Terrific !!!! Even though it's not Matt Damon ( who we all had grown accustomed to), the story and the actors and actresses were very believable and good Great action !!!!!!...

Bourne continues

By emonroy
The movie is similar to the previous Bourne movies in storytelling and action sequences, which is good. At first the movie is a bit slow but it's understandable since they are explaining everything...

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Rated PG-13 | For Violence and Action Sequences
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