totally enjoyable

By wolfchic70
Written April 07, 2010
I thought the story of the movie was at first funny. I thought the movie was interesting and funny. The actors did a good job and the mix of personalities was a good. I did not expect the couple to get back together at the end, and thought how he got arrested to be with her was charming.
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Movie was better than expected.

By praisehm
Written April 19, 2010
Took my wife for a long needed night off. Oddly enough I picked the movie. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Drive to the theater $3.00, Tickets $20.00, popcorn and drinks $14.75 having it all with the one you love,,,, Priceless
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Five Word Review

By poptartt
Written March 27, 2010
boring boringboring boring boring waste
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By str8hardbody
Written February 15, 2010
boring! I'm a big fun of Gerard Butler but this movie is a big no no. Skip it and wait it on DVD. Jennifer Aniston is always doing the same role over and over again. NOPE save your money to the next movie.
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A Miss...

By dmaslyn
Written September 04, 2010
I really like Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, so this was a hard one to screw up. But the managed it. I fell asleep while watching it! I didn't care much for the characters and wasn't overly attached to them, so i didn't care terribly what happened to them. I GUESS it would be OK to try as a rental, but even then, my time is valuable, so i would prefer to use my time on more meaningful things. It was adequate but not good.
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