By hdlady64
Written April 07, 2010
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It Was Horrible, You Gotta See It!

By Budget Casserole
Written March 24, 2010
There's a word I'd like to introduce some of you out there to, it's called cliche, which means something that completely lacks value, originality, ingenuity or impact because it's been used "to death." This movie is a parade of cliches. We have seen every joke, premise, scene, and bit of dialogue not only once, but a hundred times before. The fact that this movie, and many movies today are this entirely composed of cliche, may be evidence of the decline of western civilization. That being said, The Bounty Hunter did not reflect any deeper psychosis like most other popular films do, so I highly recommend it.
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Five Word Review

By agidreos
Written March 24, 2010
This was really not good
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The Bounty Hunter

By dll2000s
Written April 06, 2010
It was rather slow moving, however, there were some humorous parts with the interaction between the two main characters.
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Bonty Hunter

By ebolander
Written April 11, 2010
It was really boring. Nothing new with the same old scenerio.Boy and Girl , divorced but still in love. I went to sleep. Very bad acting.
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