The Bounty Hunter

By sindiano
Written April 12, 2010
I thought it was fun. It had some great comedy and seemed to flow well.
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Critics don't think like me.

By Mysty
Written March 20, 2010
I read 30+ Critic reviews of this movie & they were all terrible. When my husband wanted to see it I went along but not happily. WELL, yet again the critics are looking for Oscar pictures & performances. This is a very cute movie to which you can relax and just enjoy.
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Five Word Review

By megcason
Written April 03, 2010
It was absolutely hilarious .
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By linda689
Written April 01, 2010
Going to make this simple. I went and saw the movie and thought it was cute. Was it the most funny movie I ever saw no. But it was a cute movie. A great relaxing date movie.
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By fruitloop1
Written March 31, 2010
if you are expecting a serious movie - opt out. However, if your looking for two decent actors in a witty storyline go see it. Have I seen better? Of course! Have I seen worse? For sure! My only real complaint was that they drug the movie on too long - there were parts that could have been eliminated. More is not always better...
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