Bounty Hunter

By Keupp 1
Written April 01, 2010
Is was a good movie with a nice mix of comedy, romance, and more! Not the best movie I've seen this year, but it was enjoyable!
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Took a second look at this....

Written March 31, 2010
...just for kicks when my daughter wanted to go. Maybe we are just turning into cinema snobs,but only mediocre. Not alot of originality or even really funny lines. Always enjoy seeing Butler,but love him more when his acting is supported by a great script.You know,when Aniston was in The Good Girl,being normal and not using tight clothes to keep our attention,I thought she had some hidden talent that was starting to show. But I have been disappointed since. Oh well. recommend wait for dvd or whatever.
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a funny movie

By barlaw
Written March 30, 2010
The whole concept was a cute funny movie,except....there were so many trailers before the movie even came out, it wasn't worth seeing what little was left
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A little long...but worth it!

By ShoeFitz
Written March 20, 2010
If you are a true Gerard Butler fan, then you must go see this movie. Yes, it does run a little long and yes, you have to put up with J.A.'s usual facial expressions, and blah..blah. But you will get a lot of laughs and you will see a lot of Gerry. He does quite well in a comedic situation. A great movie to see with your girlfriends.
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Great movie

By bshortey
Written March 22, 2010
Kept my interest the whole time.
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