Great story!

By dsethington
Written April 22, 2010
This was an exciting adventure mingled with a love story. Great movie.
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Five Word Review

By lizi10
Written April 26, 2010
bad gave me a headache
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Hunting for something good.

By gjw53
Written April 04, 2010
I am a big GB fan, have most of his movies, but sorry Gerry this didn't work. Weak plot and lines. Acting was poor. Never expect J.A. to do much, but I was disappointed in GB's performance. Wait till it's on cable for free.
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mindless entertainment.

By lfytvelo
Written April 19, 2010
The Bounty Hunter provides just under two hours where one does not have to think, one gets a few laughs, and you get to check out Jennifer Aniston. You won't leave the theater enlightened, thought provoked, or rushing to tell your friends how great it is. But you won't feel like you wasted your money either. It's so-so.
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Handcuffs are hot!

By dwarf-tosser
Written May 30, 2010
Gerard Butler exhibits a deft comedic touch and Jennifer Aniston is smokin' hot, as the two former lovebirds fight the bad guys -- when they aren't busy needling (or kidnapping or tazering or running over or drowning) each other. A passable plot and good-enough crooks round out a very funny and fast-paced romp. (I think she should have gotten that tattoo!)
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