The Boss Synopsis
An Italian crime boss (Richard Conte) sends a hit man (Henry Silva), then betrays him.

Movie Reviews

Awful movie.

By jmede
The worst movie I've seen in years. And I really wanted to laugh. Ugh....

Boss this @#$%

By marymaass2001
The movie overall is amazingly funny great comedy not recommended for children under 13 lots of language sexual innuendos....

Could have been so much better.

By saharafoley
It didn't live to up expectations, at all. And it was a cookie-cutter plot. There was drama, but we all knew how it was going to end. I went with my sister & sister-in-law, and all three of us...

Surprisingly Disappointed

By jennifer.joanne79
The movie was actually NOT as funny as I anticipated... The funniest parts where shown during the trailer....

The Boss

By Mfoster592016380
I so enjoyed this silly funny laugh a minute movie. Sometimes I cringed with the language around young girls. But I have to admit I thought it was hysterical....

The Boss

By nlmcmurry
Hilarious...Melissa McCarthy @ her best!...

The Boss

By nrrpter
I was extremely disappointed with the entire movie from the story line to the offensive over use of swear words and the outrageous outright sexual reterick. The portions that used violence as an...

not for children

By carlandyandre
It was ok but i feel like the trailer was more intersting and i dont know much about the whole sexural contact...

Funny, but raunchy

By Cswanson0122
I laughed through this entire movie. Its fast paced, the time flew. I love Melissa McCarthy, and this time she definitely did not disappoint. My only negative comment would be the level of raunchy...

Loved it!

By Michelleponce75
This movie had us laughing from start to finish......

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