The Boondock Saints (2006 Re-release) Synopsis
Brothers begin killing off Boston's underworld.
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By knate
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tell me the color of the cat

By wheels08
awesome movie. i can't go a month without popping it into the dvd player. you will be quoting the movie with your friends and wanting to watch it over and over. if you like gun-slinging action, potty...


By lilybeth
Thought provoking, good fun, great action, very quotable! SEE IT!! :)...

Love it!

By veritas01
I absolutely love this movie. The story line is great, the movie is absolutely FILLED with non-stop action, and it's got a deeper meaning behind it. The acting was great, along with the directing......


By The movie boy
This was a very good movie. The bartender that yells ^^^^! Ass! and Hotel shootout best parts of movie...

Five Word Review

By Seals25
Need to expand all over...

Five Word Review

By tish8752
The greatest movie ever made....

Warning: Causes extreme addictions!

By senbotsu
Like pretty much everyone else on the planet I saw this movie and immediately loved it. I've been waiting for the second one to come out, and every time I check for it and it isn't I die just a...

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By dmaze98
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