Book Thief was amazing

By mark919
Written December 09, 2013
The power of words and actions in the wake of the Nazi Reign on a common German Family and their strife, is truly amazing. Risking their lives to take in and hide a young Jewish man. The love this family showed this young man was truly remarkable, touching and sad. The acting was superb and the young girl/ woman Sophie Nelisse who plays Leizel was amazing as well as the performances by Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson. The setting and costumes were very fitting. Loved the ones scene by the lake with the two childhood friends condemning Hitler.
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The Book Thief

By pvmichele
Written December 09, 2013
This is a movie that you will never forget. It touched every person in the audience. You can't see this movie and not have it effect you. The acting is superb and each actor pulls you into their character.
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The Book Thief

By petescot99
Written October 08, 2015
Really well done. Characters were very believable and the plot was good. Held our interest throughout. Still hate the Nazis and all they stood for and can't imagine what it must have been like for the average German to live in that time period. We liked it.
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read the book instead

By citikitty
Written November 21, 2013
Wish I could rate this higher. I loved the book and couldn't wait to see the movie, but the movie was a big disappointment. Maybe if I hadn't read the book I would have liked the movie more. Geoffrey Rush did a great job, but the other key characters were flat stereotypes - adorable little girl & boy, bad school chum, mean stepmother, etc... The soundtrack was insipid, didn't enhance the movie at all. While anything that makes people (especially young people) more aware of the holocaust is a good thing, Schindler's List it's not.
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True to the book

By msimon313
Written November 17, 2013
It was true to the book and also moving, perfectly cast. I would not say it was a brilliant adaptation but it was satisfying emotionally and technically. I don't know why the critics trashed it for not being graphic enough. The book was not meant to show overt horrors but life, love, and loss through the eyes of a child. Those who read the book must go, for others simply go.
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