Okay movie, not much more

By NYPerson1
Written November 16, 2013
This movie is decent, but nothing too special. Early on, it has a "wasn't World War II in Germany _quaint_ and pretty" feel to it. The acting is fine, especially Geoffrey Rush. Didn't like the voice-over narration at all. No reason to rush out and see this movie, in my opinion. Catching it sometime on DVD would be my recommendation.
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Loved "The Book Thief"

By mwatters950
Written December 06, 2016
This is a wonderful movie and the performances are very memorable. John Williams' score is moving and supports the movies in a beautifully subtle way. The images and characters stayed with me for a long time. Fine for young teenagers and above but they should have knowledge of the holocaust however this is a good film to introduce them to this horrible page in human history. Definitely recommend this film!
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A real Movie, don't listen to the critics

By fresnodoggy
Written December 10, 2013
Amazing movie with amazing acting. Very heart warming. You actually feel like you are there in the 1940's Germany. Just as she was in the movie "War Horse" Sophie Nelisse will take your heart, she is an incredible actress. This movie will make you laugh as well make your eyes water up. Great story. It ends well, not sad
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The Book Thief

By virtualking0714
Written December 01, 2013
Heart warming performances by supporting actors and Bravo to Sofie! You will be glued to your seat because there are no slow points in this movie.
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The Book Thief

By tamosher
Written December 02, 2013
A truly moving film. It's beautifully filmed, the story is emotional and the acting is superb. I was totally mesmerized during the entire film. I highly recommend it.
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