Beautiful Film

By tcrock422451
Written November 02, 2016
This film was nothing short of amazing. I see every single movie that comes out and most movies are missing in certain areas (Character development, cinematography, plot,etc..) but The Book Thief hit on all cylinders. The acting was amazing. Here is why, every character played "their" part perfect. The dialouge was balanced but we were still able to determine who the leads and back-ups were. If the electors were not so picky and limited, we could see 3 Oscar nominations for this film. The Director did an amazing job of caputring the time period from a "German Nazi's" point of view. It was not over-barring and harsh as seen from a Jewish eye and that was important. This film was supposed to be a feel good/life supporting type of movie. If we had to see this from a Jewish or Communist point of view it would have been too dark to get that good feeling. The Cinematography was just beautiful. The film did an amazing job of caputring the time period and capitalized on a beautiful snow-scape.
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A valiant cinematic effort

By fiz767
Written November 10, 2013
Nytimes review grossly unfair. A beautifully realized film of a remarkable book at the limits of cinematic possibility. Cast superb and the story engaging. Now go read the book,
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Wonderful retelling of the novel!

By shelleyarts
Written November 03, 2014
Loved the novel, loved the movie. It was a beautiful retelling of the wonderful novel, The Book Thief. It was our first book club book and a perfect movie to see with my book club. We all found it very true to the book and great to see it come to life. It is a story about a terrible time in history, told by and appropriate narrator, the angel of death. It was a story of wartime Germany as seen through a little orphan girl's eyes. Her mother couldn't afford to keep her and her brother so she arranged for a German family to adopt her. On route to meet the family a tragedy strikes her family and her beloved brother dies on route. The funeral is held and the little devastated daughter, steals a book left at the grave of her brother. It is "The Grave Digger's Handbook". It becomes her treasure and one the themes of the book, which is the value of knowing how to read. The costumes and set design were excellent! I'd recommend this movie to middle school children to adults.
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Great Film Making

By Maygirl
Written April 18, 2017
The Book Thief was one of the best films I've seen in a long time.I was transported to another time and place, and felt like I was a part of it. This is what movies are supposed to do. The characters were well developed and you felt as if you knew these people. The cinematography was amazing, you were right there every moment. The cast was superb in every way, especially young Sophie Nelisse as Liesl.What great directing this was. Although there were times when the pace was a bit slow, this added to the flavor of the film. It is a story of friendship, hope, and the strength of the human spirit. I highly recommend it and can't wait to see it again. Thank you for this great film.!!!
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wonderful movie

By Deanne212
Written November 23, 2014
lovely, enchanting and heartbreaking with an unrelenting uplift of the power of human kindness and character. And words. The power of words and the human gift of reading and books, something we sometimes forget in this world of easy access. Fascinating view of civilian life in the state of Nazi terror. Superb acting. Lovely costumes. But bring a hanky. Two.
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