By lac13z
Written March 29, 2012
Loved this movie when it first came out, being a Kevin Costner fan. Watching it last night with an audience half female and also Costner fans was even better! The audience of course celebrated Whitney Houston as well...what a sweet beauty she was; and the music was terrific. The storyline was stronger than i had remembered...not only the issue of someone out to kill Rachel Marron, but the attraction between Rachel and Frank Farmer, her hired bodyguard. This attraction could impact his ability to keep her safe. The supporting cast was also strong, but the 2 principals are what made this movie a MUST-SEE for me...and on the big screen...where ALL movies should be watched! Had a Wonderful time! And so did the audience, judging from the squeals at the romantic scenes, and the applause at certain moments in the movie, especially at that ending KISS!
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20th Anniversary showing of The Bodyguard

By missc1984
Written March 31, 2012
First off, Let me say I am a majorly huge fan of the Late Great Whitney Houston. So there will be no negatives in this review. The movie was absolutely the best. I liked the fact that there were no pesky commercials interrupting the film. The acting was great and it gets nothing but high marks from me. I did think there were going to be more people watching but it was only 5 including myself, but regardless of that I was just glad to be there.
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The Bodyguard

By maxram7
Written March 29, 2012
The movie was still just as good, but the quality was awful and the movie cut off and skipped to a whole new scene which threw off the whole movie. Very disappointed.
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The Bodyuard

By kelligirl7
Written March 29, 2012
Well of course I have to Love this movie to go see it 20 years after its release at the theater for $12.50. I'm a fan of Whitney, so I was glad to relive my first time seeing this movie. On the other hand, considering the fact that she just died and I thought this would a tribute of some sort, I was sorely disappointed. Why was there no extra video footage, possibly bloopers, extra scenes or anything else that would make me feel like I got a significant experience and it was work paying $12.50 for a 20 year old movie in the middle of the week? Epic Fail on this one. I LOVE the Bodyguard, and I LOVE Whitney but this attempt to make a few extra bucks off of her legacy was pathetic and obvious. Please put some more thought into presentations like this in the future and do a better job and promoting it and maybe you will have something worth raving about. Really, I would love to see a refund to my paypal account or a credit for a free movie.
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Enjoy it!!!

By alwaysat themovies
Written March 29, 2012
I really enjoyed watching this movie again! Love the story line, Whitney and of course Kevin!!! It's so refreshing to see Kevin on the bi screen again; such charasmatic and thorough actor. I miss watching movies with great actors and actresses that realy, really get into their characters and do a magnificent job at it. At the same time it made sad and it also reminded me the terrible loss of Whitney Houston musical talent and an amazing and unreplaceable VOICE! Whtney - RIP.
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