Waste of Time

By tstampe22
Written June 24, 2013
Horrible movie. Too much hype about nothing. If it was not for my daughter I would have walked out. Big let down. Not appropriate for children under 13. Bad influence. Emma Roberts acting soso.
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California nightmare

By seffrina
Written June 24, 2013
What can one say as having lived in Los Angeles for many years ... This is an embarrassing example of the social trend in California. It's bad enough with the ridiculous reality shows, But to have a movie that literally glamorizes the art of teens doing drugs, partying and breaking into homes and cars is above and beyond the worst style of production ever! Our youths today are out of control enough as it is. This was basically a reality show thrown into a movie title, wanna be after school special except with no lessons learned.! Once again a crime committed in California has been brought to the big screen:( It sends the worst message:( Emma Watson was chosen so as to attract the young crowds. Her acting ability put to waste!! By having made this waste of film, this movie has shown how shallow, idiotic, rude, spoiled and aggressive a lot of California teens are. I'm so very thrilled to have moved!! Waste of time! ! Who'd want to raise children there after seeing this?
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Bad acting and disappointing

By spellerb10
Written June 27, 2013
Unfortunately, I expected more from a movie based on such an intriguing event, with a well-respected director like Sofia Coppola, starring Emma Watson. This was not at all a great performance by Emma Watson, and I didn't care much for the cinematography. I guess the shakiness of the filming makes it seem like the audience is in on the whole thing, but that and the slow-mo shots of drug use and vanity was nauseating. The drugs were over the top, and I didn't like that the ring leader took advantage of the new kid - bad theme. I was tense the entire time, not able to comprehend the point of all the robbery and the fact that they thought they could get away with it. I got especially anxious when a gun entered the picture. I was incredulous to the fact that those people don't lock their doors or have alarms, and talk about the oblivious parents! The writing was simple and the acting didn't seem genuine - very scripted. I wish I hadn't seen this movie, especially with a 15-yr-old.
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Decent but could have much better

By cojack
Written June 30, 2013
This movie was a little too much of a flat line for me. It needed much better pacing and either more drama or more comedy. Coppola did a good job of portraying the kind of vapid, reality-show-esque consumerism rampant among some young people and the way it inspired these wanna-be celebrities, particularly in LA. In their world, wearing and owning the same stuff as famous people is just as good as being famous. And to that end, they all want to be famous, but they don't want to DO anything or be good at anything. I might rate this between "So-So" and "Go" but I knocked it down because with this material, this could have been a great movie. The acting was not great, except for the guy who played Marc, the girl who played Chloe, and Leslie Mann. . Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised by Gavin Rosdale. He was pretty good.
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By AD_Starr23
Written June 21, 2013
This film is very entertaining. I first became interested in the story of the real life 'Bling Ring' after reading the Vanity Fair article. Shortly after, the show "Pretty Wild" premiered, and while it was terribly scripted and obviously dramatized, it was entertaining to watch parts of it reenacted in this film. Sofia Coppola does a great job bringing these outrageous characters to life. You almost feel for them... ALMOST. I both hated and loved the characters. We got to see the other members of the 'Bling Ring' that weren't shown on any of the other shows. Emma Watson does a fantastic job as 'Nikki', completely transforming herself. Definitely a must see film!
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