That's what Sofia Coppola's about?

By fijinz-all
Written June 24, 2013
I had a couple of hours to kill today. So, I rested my case on Coppola's "fame", and bought a ticket to go in. Half an hour into the flick, I realized I was duped. The plot is about a bunch of innocent, or foolish/stupid kids, led by the Chang girl, burglarizing houses of celebrities to snatch their expensive jewelries. I kept asking myself, are the houses of these celebrities, Linsay Lohan, Paris Hilton.... really like open doors. The kids pretty much "walked" in and vandalize their places, super easy. I was amazed. I thought, "Why didn't I think of doing that? I could have been super rich that way!" Well, it was supposed to be comedic. There were indeed a few giggles in the dark. But... far and between I'd say. One more trick Sofia is up her sleeve, riding on the Coppola name. Because the movie seems to be teen-friendly, it likely will do well at the box office. Doing well at the box office does not equate to artistic accomplishment. This one is concrete proof.
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By NadiaRobertson
Written July 25, 2014
Sofia Coppola does it again with with based on real life story where she so aptly captivates the pubic's obsession with hollywood and all the fakeness it encompasses.
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The Bling Ring - about as boring as the characters

By chriscasey1
Written August 20, 2014
This is a movie about pretentious, self-indulgent and immature kids, and oddly the script and direction just followed that same recipe to Boring-ville. There were opportunities for the story to make some dramatic point about the indulgent pointlessness of so many of Hollywood's entitled lot. But, alas this movie just didn't go there when it should have. I was bored throughout.
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Bling Ring

By jettesemail
Written June 23, 2013
As I was watching I felt as empty as the sorry teens in the "movie" Not sure what to think. I was very unsettled by the emptiness I felt. It was either brilliant or a huge flop and I am not sure which of the two I think is more the case. Disturbing is a good word. Disturbing in it's depiction of these lost kids, in a lost soulless society where materialism and stuff trumps the need to connect. Oh, and where were their parents.? Between the drugs and the loads of loot you'd think they'd notice SOMETHING. These were teens. Wasn't there a single adult who noticed anything?
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Sofia Did Her Best With What She Had

By durbanusa
Written June 26, 2013
Sofia Coppola had a difficult task of taking a true story about some boring rich kids but there wasn't much there to work with. Most interesting movies have interesting characters but these kids have such dead personalities that they make zombies look like superheros. It was enlightening how much "stuff" famous people have that they don't even notice when it goes missing. I just found myself going over my To-Do list in my head instead of watching the movie. You won't miss much if you don't go.
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