don't see this!!!

By SpintoMan
Written March 03, 2015
I am sorry I cannot un-see this movie. Wayward kids, alienated (really? how original!) decide to become crooks. They steal money and jewelry, they fence the stuff for more money. They spend the money on drugs and booze in nightclubs. They like expensive clothes. They rob more houses, and more, and more. It's always the same. Oh, they get caught. surprise. Why this movie got made is a huge mystery. I want my two hours bac
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By maydayqueen92
Written January 16, 2014
Being based on a true story, I really liked it. I was highly captivated and felt the disturbed feelings and fear of someone breaking into my house to do the same (thank goodness I don't have anything worth stealing haha). The storyline was great and the acting was great as well, I just didn't feel as if it was worth a good rating. Good movie but I don't think I'd wanna watch it again.
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Not for Everyone

By Popcornandslushies
Written May 04, 2016
I am speaking for 6 college lesbians who attended this film. The only reason we wanted to watch it was because we saw lovely Emma Watson in the previews, and thought it couldn't be that horrible of a movie with her in it! We should have known better. There was nothing 'smart' about the movie. No cleaver dialogue or plot - the actors were neither creative nor engaging. Just a bunch of idiotic teenagers taking advantage of American icons who apparently forget to lock their million dollar homes when they go out at night. If you like fashion, simple dialogue, parties, and hot bodies without a brain this is your movie. Otherwise, you may be disappointed. We like to pretend Emma Watson was not in that movie to save ourselves the heartache.
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For teenagers...Boring for adults

By lbfirstlady
Written June 28, 2013
The movie is about a group of high-schools teenagers on a theft binge. To them, it's a lark. Eventually, they are caught and are charged with all kinds of crimes. Basically, it's a morality lesson for teenagers. I was so bored, I almost fell asleep. I have to see it again on Sunday and plan to sleep through as much as possible. No stars and no wonder nobody famous wants to be affiliated with this film.
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Bears A Lot Of Charm, Little Else.

By Al P
Written July 05, 2015
As film stories go one has to ask, why this this one? Sofia C’s films are so cutting edge but this was surprisingly atypical as far as her films are concerned. Still, the cast did a stellar job of making an otherwise LIFELESS story vivid. Lots of faces herein will be the biggest stars of tomorrow. Some already are, as in Emma Watson. Unless you’re a real film junkie, you may not find much substance here. Not to worry though. This one will be on DVD or cable in a bling (blink) of an eye. Guaranteed.
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