I don't regret seeing it, but I'll never watch it again.

By skysayzrawr
Written July 02, 2013
Went to see this because I was bored, had seen all the other movies I wanted to see, and a friend told me Emma Watson was in it. I went in with no expectations and yet found myself leaving the theater disappointed. I found the movie vapid, playing up derelict behavior without really focusing on the consequences or moral aspect. Even forgiving that (it is a movie about teenage robbers, after all), I still hated it. The acting was terrible, the script was a nightmare, and whoever edited the thing should be shot. The pacing was possibly the worst I've ever seen in a movie. We got about an hour of them robbing people, rejoicing, worrying for a millisecond, and then doing it all again. The most interesting part of the movie, the whole resolution, took what seemed like five or ten minutes. I hated all the characters, hated that none of them seemed particularly moved or remorseful even at the very end, and I left the theater with a general feeling of disgust. I would NOT recommend this movie.
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By NoonchYo
Written May 29, 2016
Love Sophia Coppola...Lost in Translation amazing, Somewhere very very good. This film could have easily been a Lifetime movie. It had some strong acting performances, but I don't really see anything noteworthy to make this film a "Must Go" or even a "Go". If I had my druthers, this would have been a rental. It's worth seeing, but not worth movie theater prices.
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The Bling Ring - about as boring as the characters

By chriscasey1
Written May 06, 2016
This is a movie about pretentious, self-indulgent and immature kids, and oddly the script and direction just followed that same recipe to Boring-ville. There were opportunities for the story to make some dramatic point about the indulgent pointlessness of so many of Hollywood's entitled lot. But, alas this movie just didn't go there when it should have. I was bored throughout.
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Expected More

By kkight628
Written May 24, 2016
I got tired of seeing all the robbery without any real reason behind it. I think if they focused a bit more on the aftermath it might have been better. I felt a little like I was in a reality show.
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Nicki Is a Total Hottie!

By mwdillon69
Written September 30, 2016
Emma Watson Rocked as Nicki. I think it was a good movie and I'd recommend anyone from LA to go see it since it happened right here!
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