By maydayqueen92
Written January 16, 2014
Being based on a true story, I really liked it. I was highly captivated and felt the disturbed feelings and fear of someone breaking into my house to do the same (thank goodness I don't have anything worth stealing haha). The storyline was great and the acting was great as well, I just didn't feel as if it was worth a good rating. Good movie but I don't think I'd wanna watch it again.
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don't see this!!!

By SpintoMan
Written June 30, 2013
I am sorry I cannot un-see this movie. Wayward kids, alienated (really? how original!) decide to become crooks. They steal money and jewelry, they fence the stuff for more money. They spend the money on drugs and booze in nightclubs. They like expensive clothes. They rob more houses, and more, and more. It's always the same. Oh, they get caught. surprise. Why this movie got made is a huge mystery. I want my two hours bac
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Sofia Coppola Created An Intense Film

By JLFerg
Written September 30, 2014
I knew the story behind this film as I live in California and remember the news story. I had expected excellent direction and acting in the film. What I hadn't expected what how uncomfortable I would feel and how anxious being taken on this journey with these characters. Even though you know they will be caught, it is their recklessness, their age and actions that are all too common with CA teens, their disengaged or too trusting parents, and their drug use and actions that made me anxious and tense throughout the entire movie. Films, like good literature, should elicit emotions, and this film does that well if you are willing to drop "yourself" at the door and go on this crazy journey.
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Bling Ring

By jettesemail
Written October 22, 2014
As I was watching I felt as empty as the sorry teens in the "movie" Not sure what to think. I was very unsettled by the emptiness I felt. It was either brilliant or a huge flop and I am not sure which of the two I think is more the case. Disturbing is a good word. Disturbing in it's depiction of these lost kids, in a lost soulless society where materialism and stuff trumps the need to connect. Oh, and where were their parents.? Between the drugs and the loads of loot you'd think they'd notice SOMETHING. These were teens. Wasn't there a single adult who noticed anything?
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The Bling Ring - about as boring as the characters

By chriscasey1
Written November 29, 2014
This is a movie about pretentious, self-indulgent and immature kids, and oddly the script and direction just followed that same recipe to Boring-ville. There were opportunities for the story to make some dramatic point about the indulgent pointlessness of so many of Hollywood's entitled lot. But, alas this movie just didn't go there when it should have. I was bored throughout.
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