THE BLIND SIDE - eye-opening experience!!! GRADE: A. (Based on advance VIP press preview - Mon. Nov. 9th.)

Written January 19, 2016
Partially filmed in Atlanta, GA - The Blind Side is a 2hr movie-adaptation of Michael Lewis' 2006 non-fiction biography book, 'The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game' - directed/screen-written by John Lee Hancock - chronicled Michael Oher's life prior to college. He's currently(no. 74) Baltimore Raven's offensive tackle. I was deeply moved by this high quality production(with a gifted cast) about a gentle vulnerable black teen who was alone, alienated and left to fend for himself; and by the generous/giving, nurturing, kind and compassionate white Tuohy family who accepted Michael into their family and eventually adopting him - thus, gifting Michael the rare life-changing opportunity to succeed against his life's early adversities/hardships and defying extreme odds. This is a compelling and moving story about love, sharing/giving, compassion, and courage that transcends and breaks racial, social, and economic barriers. VERDICT: Treat yourself to this excellent movie!
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By jboy82
Written November 11, 2009
This movie is like an emotional roller coaster. It has you happy and laughing one moment and then teary eyed another. Story put together very well and what makes the movie even better is that its based on a true story. Prepared to be inspired cause you will love this movie from beginning to the roll of credits. TRUST.
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Inspiring story of human compassion

By golfaddict
Written May 23, 2016
OK, I'll admit I'm a Sandra Bulock fan. But once again I'm in awe of Sandra's ability to step away from the beauty queen & chauffeur roles (ok, ok, there's a few more) and achieve in my opinion an Oscar nomination as a compassionate sophisticated southern aristocrat with heart. Her maternal instincts and courage in this film are very real as well as her desire to tell a tale of complete inspiration. This is a can't miss film sharing a story about a lost young man with NO education facing incredible odds to ever succeed. Yet he's smart enough to realize that if someone, anyone, really loves you & believes in you, anything is possible. It's a story of human compassion and a family that crosses racial barrirs showing that real people exist that care irregardless of the color of skin. It's a story of human empathy and grace beyond what most of us will ever encounter.
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The Blind Side is our life!

By lauriegil11
Written May 23, 2016
When this movie trailor came out I got a phone call from a friend who was in aw because this is our life. We, by the grace of God have been given the gift of this amazing young man. He too, like the movie's star has turned out to be quite the star football player scoring over 23 touchdowns this season. He came to live with us 3 years when the circumstances of his life changed drastically and his parents were unable to take care of him. People say to me what a great thing it is that we are doing but it is quite the opposite he has proven to be this amazing gift to our family. He has completed our family and I love him just like I love my other children. He is a brother to my 3 biological children and a son to my husband and I. If any of you out there are thinking of helping a child or adopting a child I would tell you without a doubt to do it! It starts as a gift to the child and ends up as a gift to you and your family. A gift that no money could ever buy.
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The Blind Side is definitely worth seeing

By Indiana_Johnston
Written November 06, 2009
This is an excellent feel good movie for teenagers and adults and one of the best inspirational stories I've seen in a LONG time. It was tremendously funny, touching, and inspiring. I saw this with a sneek preview audidence last night and it got a tremendous applause at the end. Overall, the story is about stepping outside of our societal expectations and our own personal comfort zones to help other people, ESPECIALLY those who don't expect it. Michael Oher NEEEDED a loving family to be a part of. Leigh Anne Touhy's decision to invite Michael into her family not only changed her life, Michaels, & her entire family's, but the countless others that Michael has helped in turn. I also think that this is the BEST role I've seen Sandra Bullock play. She should consider playing more serious roles in the future instead of all the quirky comedies. I wouldn't be surprised if she got at least an Oscar Nomination for this role. GO SEE "THE BLIND SIDE"!!!
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