Maybe i am just silly,,,,

Written April 14, 2010
....but given the reviews,this wasn't all that bad to me. As far as gore,no more than the Saw movies. Most of it laughable,which is one reason we go to this genre,right? I was prepared for a bunch of 70s & 80s type boobs flashing around,which I would have criticized-no surprise if you know me :), but there was only one scene of that. To me,even though we know it ends in a bloody massacre, it still had a unique story behind it. More believable, if one is superstitious, than a Jason who never dies or something. AND IMPORTANT TO ME,AT LEAST, THERE WAS ALOT OF STORY BEFORE THE KILLINGS STARTED. I hate when the whole film is about the blood. You could even get the reasons for the killings (if you're insane). The end was totally unexpected too! Admittedly bad acting and a not too clever beginning are why I am giving this a so-so. For cheesy suspense,try it at matinee price.
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Do people really have to check the reviews?

By Quaresma23
Written April 16, 2010
Whoever is reading this, why are you reading reviews about this movie to see if it is good or not? Did you not see the trailer? The trailer looks like a porn video. It amazes me that we live in a world where people would ACTUALLY pay money to see a movie like this. I haven't seen this movie. I never will. Why in the hell would anyone pay to see this?!!! That's incredible. I'm no director, but I guarantee if I had the money I'd be able to create a film 100x's better than this crap, with my eyes closed! It is absolutely horrifying that some people said "must go" to this. Really? are you serious? The three people who said "must go" must be the three guys who made this movie. How the hell did this get into movie theaters? Why the hell would a production company invest in this? what is going on?!!!!!!!
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Five Word Review

By jwillyrevue
Written April 10, 2010
turn around and leave now
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Cheesy Fun

By travisleebutton
Written April 11, 2010
This movie was super cheesy and pretty gory, a throwback to the low budget horror flicks of the 80's. I was entertained and so were the two friends I went with.
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The Black Waters of Echo's Pond

By hexxrus
Written April 10, 2010
Chainsaw massacre movie for those who like gore. Nine friends go off on each other. There is an interesting ending, though.
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