The Black Waters of Echo's Pond Synopsis
Nine friends vacationing in a Victorian home play a game that brings out the worst in them.
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Maybe i am just silly,,,,

....but given the reviews,this wasn't all that bad to me. As far as gore,no more than the Saw movies. Most of it laughable,which is one reason we go to this genre,right? I was prepared for a bunch of...

Five Word Review

By jwillyrevue
turn around and leave now...

Do people really have to check the reviews?

By Quaresma23
Whoever is reading this, why are you reading reviews about this movie to see if it is good or not? Did you not see the trailer? The trailer looks like a porn video. It amazes me that we live in a...

Five Word Review

By Lou242
Should've gone straight to DVD!...

The Black Waters of Echo's Pond

By hexxrus
Chainsaw massacre movie for those who like gore. Nine friends go off on each other. There is an interesting ending, though....

Cheesy Fun

By travisleebutton
This movie was super cheesy and pretty gory, a throwback to the low budget horror flicks of the 80's. I was entertained and so were the two friends I went with....

Take someone you hate to this movie ...then say you're getting popcorn and leave

By Hiro Maus
Bad bad bad bad bad and other under statements bad acting (stiff and awkward) bad story line (who was this written for, children of satanists?) bad special effects - actually if you're into...

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Rated R | For for bloody horror violence and gore, language, drug use and some sexuality/nudity.