Austin Chronicle

By Marc Savlov
A solid, intermittently excellent, and extremely exsanguinatory take on what Stephen King famously referred to as the "Spam in a cabin" genre.
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Village Voice

Bloody and gory, but in a friendly way, this is a movie for old-school horror fans who understand that, sometimes, bad is good.
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Boxoffice Magazine

By Pam Grady
Poor word of mouth should doom it for a quick ride to DVD oblivion.
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Time Out New York

By Joshua Rothkopf
Watching people play a board game ain’t ever going to be scary, and that’s essentially what we have here.
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By Dennis Harvey
This generic horror meller would be most at home debuting on Syfy -- perhaps double-billed with "Pinata: Survival Island."
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Los Angeles Times

Director/co-screenwriter Gabriel Bologna, working vigorously at hokey predictability, wastes little time getting us to wish his obnoxious characters (why do people who seemingly hate each other always vacation together?) would find their inner maniacs already.
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Boston Globe

In 10 years, this movie could easily take its place among cult classics like “The Room.’’ For now, it’s better left in the bowels of a Turkish cave.
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31 out of 100
Generally unfavorable reviews
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