The Black Eyed Peas: The E.N.D World Tour LIVE Synopsis
The Grammy Award-winning music group perform their hits in Los Angeles.

Movie Reviews

Black Eyed Peas Concert

By 304Gadgetman
They def no how to put on a show. Not a big fan, but I enjoyed what I saw of the concert....

Black Eyed Peas Concert

By movie fan2381
I was skeptical about seeing a concert on a movie screen and not live but that doubt was buried after seeing this show. The concert was amazing. The special effects were off the hook and extremely...

Black Eyed Peas

By erobledo
Concert was ok. the sound system was not of quality. We were led to believe it was in 3D with surround sound. not even close. disappointed with the outcome. Not worth the $48 i spent....

See it!

By bamorton
Great show!! Awesome music and visuals. If you missed it, definitely catch a repeat show or the DVD....

concert lived to the name

By csinito
It was full of positive energy. Camera work was outstanding. It sure beats the nose bleed section. Glad that I went....

Black Eyed Peas -- Hope it's not The E.N.D.

By Cool_Cinema
Lots of fun. A concert without all the crowds. First "concert" for my girls (almost 13 and 14). And they loved it. The Peas are loaded with energy. This was apparently first concert ever streamed...

Black Eye Peas

By cotelind
There were some times the sound went out and that was a little disconcerting, but overall it was a most enjoyable presentation. After I bought these tickets I found out that they were actually going...

Black Eyed Peas The End

By lajluni
Great concert. Would have liked to see opening acts as well rather than making of the video....

Phenominal Experience

By beachbum94
What a great way to watch a concert.. next to actually being at the concert. Although you miss the euphora of being at the actual venue.. the movie did a great job making you feel like you were...

Black Eyed Peas

By jes051092
Loved it! The sound could have been louder and shouldn't have been censored. Took my 10 year old son and he cannot wait to go to a real concert now. Hope to see more shows like that....

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