Go see this movie...

Written December 13, 2008
Based on the description many people will skip this movie. PLEASE DON'T MISS THIS ONE. The story is engaging, complex and at times uncomfortable, but the acting is outstanding. It is a great "coming of age" film, but also about the emotional roller coaster of a deeply caring family and the relationship of two brothers (one of which is "challenged"). It is moving in so many ways... CW
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Movie that touch's the Heart

By cynthialev4
Written December 19, 2008
The Black Balloon takes your emotions on the ride of your life. The cast is great, I recognized the mom, Toni Collette from little miss sunshine. This film hasn't received a lot of press but it was worth the price of admission for me.
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Written December 13, 2008
Wow, this is a no holds barred in your face reality check of what it is REALLY like to live with a child in a man's body. The film depicts this sad situation in such a endearing way that you feel sorry for those who find themselves dealt this reality and are impressed by them as well. All the while you are exceedingly thankful this is not your life but you leave with a new respect for those who "look after their own". The story surrounds the one brother and his coming of age. He is forced to deal with his handicapped brother while juggling his attempt at his first love with a very mature classmate. She is endearing and everyone devotes themselves so fully in their part that the movie is haunting long after the credits roll. A real, REAL gem that is not afraid to show it like it is.
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Gemma Ward is smooth

By cece_goldfield
Written December 19, 2008
Gemma, Luke, and Rhys capture a good portion of screen time on this film about a family dealing with the up and down emotions attached to families and kids with autism. Go see this Australian gem of a film.
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