This movie had heart!

By nrvana92
Written October 27, 2011
I liked that this movie taught 2 valuable lessons that are brought to all people at one time or another.The ability to see someone else that has the same desires and goals and to be non selfish enough to give them a chance to achieve something greater for themselves if you have already achieved so much in life already. Also this movie teaches to do the things you love without abandoning the home-life and not abandoning those you love for your own selfish ambitions, other wise if you win you still feel empty inside.This is a wonderful movie because of these key points that are put into action and also three of my favorite comical actors play the roles very honestly and get the points across very clear. I rate this movie 4 stars because there is not many movies that are about ambition and are able to teach something valuable to the soul at the same time. This move had heart..most 80s movies have this and a lot of 60s& 70s movies but not many 21st century movies yet, but this movie does.
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The Big Year--Great fun!

By mozartmom
Written October 23, 2011
A delightful movie. Interesting characters and very engaging plot. It's nice to see Steve Martin and Jack Black play basically nice, down-to-earth characters in a low-key but still very compelling mode. The whole cast is excellent. The scenery is fabulous and learning about the birding culture is a fascinating an eye-opener. If you like bang-up violence and action, this movie is not for you. But if you're interested genuine human emotions, exploring personal and interpersonal choices, a gentle comic tone, and spectacular scenery (and birds), be sure to see this charming sleeper.
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Tells the story of obsessed birders, but with a heart and comedy

By keithbrink
Written October 20, 2011
I confess that I love to bird, so I'm a little biased in my review. This is an honest and sometimes funny look at what anyone with a hobby goes through. People pursue their hobby with gusto and their friends and family either get it or they don't, like some of the critics of this movie. I saw myself and what I've put my wife through at times in my pursuit of the birds and was surprised at how true to life it was portrayed. These are human beings that love birds and love being out in nature and that is what draws me out of my house to hunt these beautiful creatures with binoculars and books. If you want a nice movie that is about nature lovers that are chasing a dream and not about blowing something up or hacking someone to death then go see this movie. It's charming and holesome family movie. If you're a birding enthusiast don't be to critical of some of the glaring bird inaccuracies, just go with it. Will be taking my wife to see it this week so she can see herself in it.
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The Big Year

By raregoer0204
Written October 24, 2011
We really were expecting to see a funny Comedy....but it wasn't. The scenery was beautiful to view, but I would've liked to have seen the birds more clearly, instead of more like in a slide pace. Sorry, but I wouldn't promote it for my friends to see.....there are a lot of better movies out there!
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Some what funny.

By rnsmatthews
Written October 29, 2011
I wouldn't pay to see it in a theatre if I only knew. One would think with the 3 main actors they would be able to make it funny. I guess we should have ran when the movie attendant taking our tickets that we were the only ones watching it. At least my husband and I could randomly talk during the movie without worry. Save your money.
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