The Big Wedding

By PiaZ
Written May 21, 2013
Very entertaining movie for adults. I enjoyed it as it kept you interested every inch of the way. A great cast and it was filmed in a beautiful location. (Greenwich, Ct). Each character had their own entertaining personality. The story was less predictable then I imagined. I read some so-so ratings but decided to see it for my self , and I was glad I did. This is the first DeNero character that I enjoyed in a long time. Go see it for yourself.
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Why I Ignore Critics

By LittleKingRegan
Written July 24, 2014
I went to this movie needing a diversion and a laugh - it provided both. It's an all star cast that is each given their moments. I found it quite relatable, and contrary to what many say, it wasn't all that predictable, unless the fact that there were surprises is what was predictable? Go see it if you want some laughs and a good time, and prove the critics wrong.
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A great feel-good movie

By kfashley
Written May 14, 2013
We wanted to see something funny and we got it! The entire cast was excellent - very familiar faces and the storyline and twists were great. An honest look at life, love & relationships that wasn't all Hollywood. And I swear Robert DeNiro gets better and better looking with age :)
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Best Comedy So Far this Year

By Billy1935
Written April 30, 2013
For those of you who love a movie that is not inhibited and not hung up on being politically correct "The Big Wedding" is perfect. The movie is filled with great situations and hilarious zingers that will have you laughing until the tears run down your cheeks from the first scene until the last. It weaves a great story about a preposterous situation involving 2 1/2 families and a wedding. THe cast of academy award winners showed tht they knew how to excell in a comedy and provide great acting in any venue. The Cinema Jockey
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The Big Wedding

By wgm
Written May 06, 2013
Dysfunctional family = Hilariously Funny, poignant moments and a must see for Comedy lovers. It had everything and a great cast, with great chemistry between everyone. The plots were very well written and fabulously acted with brilliant actor's and actresses alike. See the movie and decide for yourselves.
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