Wait for DVD

By Reel_Deal_Gal
Written May 04, 2015
This is a terrible over-the-top-unfunny script that even the cast of Robert DeNiro, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon and Katherine Heigl could not save. I was so looking forward to this, but sadly, the thin script by Justin Zackham tried too hard and wound up being a sad reminder that Nora Ephron, indeed, has passed away. I was encouraged that the beginning had me laughing out loud in the first five minutes, only to watch it sink....and sink.... Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon were truly funny, given what they had to work with. Katherine Heigl did a good job with her lot, as well. And I believe that Robert DeNiro, who can play anything, did well with what he had signed on for- which was an embarrassingly ridiculous parody-of-himself that made me wonder if he felt, - like I think Pacino and Walken must feel of their roles in "Stand Up Guys" a few months back - "I don't need to prove anything anymore. I'll just take the money and have fun." Only problem is, the moviegoers, do not. 2 stars
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The Big Wedding

By Me and a friend
Written November 27, 2014
Great adult comedy. My friend and I laughed almost the entire time. We left smiling and had not a care in the world. Would see it again.
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Why I Ignore Critics

By LittleKingRegan
Written November 23, 2014
I went to this movie needing a diversion and a laugh - it provided both. It's an all star cast that is each given their moments. I found it quite relatable, and contrary to what many say, it wasn't all that predictable, unless the fact that there were surprises is what was predictable? Go see it if you want some laughs and a good time, and prove the critics wrong.
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By melissa2487
Written October 31, 2014
I have to give 'The Big Wedding' a D. Definitely the worst movie I've seen of 2013 so far which is insanely disappointment because I love everyone in the movie! I am huge fan of Robin Williams, Diane Keaton, etc. The movie was just so flat, not funny (no one laughed in the theater), confusing and just so unrealistic. I would not recommend this movie or see it again.
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Best Comedy So Far this Year

By Billy1935
Written January 27, 2015
For those of you who love a movie that is not inhibited and not hung up on being politically correct "The Big Wedding" is perfect. The movie is filled with great situations and hilarious zingers that will have you laughing until the tears run down your cheeks from the first scene until the last. It weaves a great story about a preposterous situation involving 2 1/2 families and a wedding. THe cast of academy award winners showed tht they knew how to excell in a comedy and provide great acting in any venue. The Cinema Jockey
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